Here are just a few of the accounting issues that you will not have to worry about.

  • compilation of the daily cash register
  • drafting sales and purchase logs for VAT
  • drafting NIRs
  • drafting consumer vouchers
  • drafting transfer vouchers
  • drafting travel discounts
  • analytical evidence of customers and suppliers

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Human Resources

The human resource in a company must be properly managed. We'll deal with:

  • Preparation of enployment contracts and additional acts (modifications, cessations, decisions)
  • Preparation of personnel files according to legal requirements
  • Elaboration and transmission of The electronic register of employees records
  • Drafting and online filing of the 112 Statement regarding salary obligations

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Are you wondering how you can reduce taxes paid to the state? We support you with:

  • Consultancy on financial - accounting and tax legislation applicable to each individual company.
  • Assistance during fiscal controls and investigations.
  • Periodic information, depending on the frequency of legislative changes.
  • Identifying tax opportunities and exploiting them.

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In our sphere of activity qualify the legal services.
Thus, you can benefit from:

  • specialized legal advice
  • drafting documents, legally requests
  • assisting the client in negotiations, in front of any public institutions and authorities
  • Establishments - Liquidation associations and foundations
  • Liquidating companies with the appointment of a liquidator


of companies

Do you want to start a business? We can help you with everything you need to set up a trading company!

of object of activity

Extend the range of services? You will need to expand the objective of the activity. We can help you with all the necessary formalities.

Establishments and closings work places

You want to set up a new workspace? Simconta specialists help you! The same is the situation if you want to close one.

Liquidation / Dissolution /

Concluding a company's business can take various forms. We have the perfect solutions for every situation.

Suspension / Reactivation of companies

Without too many headaches, you will find out everything that involves the reactivation or suspension of a company's business.


Assignment of claims cause you problems? Simconta specialists can help you with all the necessary information.

Change of registered office

Changing the registered office requires the completion of certain formalities. We can help you in this regard too!

Consultancy and assistance

Regardless of the accounting, tax or legal issues you are facing, Simconta experts provide you with the necessary advice.

As a businessman you have a lot of situations to be solved, so we recommend that you let our specialists account for everything that you can do about accounting services. You will have everything covered, from financial accounting to making statements and balance sheets, from everything related to taxation to assisted and assured consultancy, to authorities' checks.

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Financial-accounting evidence (global value)

Tip abonamentVolum activitate (lunar)Tarif (lunar)
AFara activitate100 LEI
BMaxim 50 documente300 LEI
C51-100 documente600 LEI
D101-200 documente900 LEI
E201-300 documente1500 LEI
F301-400 documente2000 LEI
G401-500 documente2500 LEI
HPeste 501 documenteNegociabil

Payroll services - Human resources

  ServiciuCost (TVA inclus)
  ServiciuCost (TVA inclus)
  Deschidere contract40 LEI *
  Inchidere contract20 LEI *
  Intocmire act aditional de modificare contract10 LEI *
  Intocmire adeverinta banca, somaj20 LEI *
  Intocmire adeverinta de vechime30 LEI *
  Intocmire adeverinta medic familie / spital10 LEI *
  Intocmire fisa de evaluare anuala30 LEI *
  Intocmire fisa fiscala anuala

(declaratie privind calcularea si retinerea impozitului per beneficiar)
20 LEI *
  Intocmire fisa post personalizata130 LEI *
  Intocmire fisa post standard20 LEI *
  Intocmire pontaj si stat de plata lunar30 LEI **
  Intocmire Regulament Ordine Interioara100 LEI ***
  Intocmire organigrama posturilor50 LEI ***
  Intrega documentatie in domeniul SSM  si SU850 LEI ****
350 LEI **
  Instruirea angajatilor in domeniul SSM/SU (curierat lunar + deplasare trimestriala)10 LEI *

Cost per employee             - *
Cost per work point          - **

Cost per company              - ***
Cost per registered office   - ****

Legal department services

Tip abonamentDenumire abonamentTarif lunar
Sabonament Standard750 LEI
SPabonament Standard Plus1250 LEI
Pabonament Premium2500 LEI
PPabonament Premium Plus4500 LEI

Description of legal department subscriptions:

Tip abonamentDescriere
S– consultanta juridica
– opinii legale
SP– consultanta juridica
– reprezentare in fata oricaror institutii sau autoritati publice(primarii, prefecturi, banci, notari publici, etc)
– reprezentare in fata Of Reg Comertului
-redactare acte, documente, cereri cu caracter juridic
– asistarea clientului la negocieri precum si la incheierea contractelor si antecontractelor
P– consultanta juridica de specialitate
– consultanta juridica in vederea recuperarii de creante precum si initierea procedurilor de recuperare
– reprezentare in fata oricaror institutii sau autoritati publice(notari publici, executori judecatoresti, primarii, prefecturi, banci, etc)
– reprezentarea in fata Of Reg Comertului
– redactare acte, documente, cereri cu caracter juridic
– redactare opinii juridice
– asistarea clientului in negocieri precum si la incheierea contractelor si antecontractelor
– asistenta juridica si reprezentare in fata instantelor de judecata si in fata Curtii de Arbitraj Comercial International.
In acest caz, va fi perceput si un onorariu/caz, cu o valoare minimala.
PPServicii complete, fara alte taxe suplimentare

Services not listed in the description of the purchased subscription will be charged 40 LEI / hour.
Other services

(preturile exprimate in RON includ TVA)
Depunere declaratii rectificative ca urmare
a aducerii cu intarziere a documentelor contabile100 LEI / declaratie rectificativa depusa
Intocmire bilant lichidare firma800 LEI
Intocmire si depunere dosar de inregistrare in scopuri de TVA1000 LEI / cetatean roman
 | 450 EUR + TVA / cetatean strain
Intocmire si depunere documentatie pentru inregistrare in ROI700 LEI
Intocmire si depunere documentatie pentru inregistrare cod EORI700 LEI
Intocmire si depunere documentatie pentru obtinere cod de TVA
valabil pentru operatiuni intracomunitare < 10.000 euro1000 LEI
Nota contabila2 LEI / nota
Deplasare pentru ridicare acte20 LEI + (1.5 LEI x Nr Km) / deplasare
Lucrari specifice pentru participarea la licitatii publice de oferte500 LEI
Consultanta financiar-contabila si fiscala325 LEI / 30 minute
Analiza financiar-contabila asupra activitatii economice500 LEI / ora
Verificare si actualizare fisa pe platitor ANAF- lucrari contabile – prin asistent contabil100euro/ora
Verificare si actualizare fisa pe platitor ANAF
– specialist - expert contabil

The costs of providing these services with ancillary materials (registries, xerox copies, diskettes, files, other stationery) valued at 100 LEI / year will be paid upon completion of a 12-month service period or early of a calendar year.